• Five forgotten foods

My five favorite forgotten foods

Here is a down and dirty list of five foods that I love, but that often don’t get the respect they deserve.

1. English muffins, especially the sour dough ones. I really don’t know of much that tastes better in the morning than a toasted, crispy English muffin dripping with melted butter. All the tiny holes in the bread when toasted get perfectly crispy without losing their chew. Then some nice good butter added makes them one of my all time favorite things.

2. Plain yogurt. This might be a hard pass for some people, but in the US we are so used to our super sweetened fruity yogurts and most people don’t know how awesome just plain yogurt is. It’s usually super creamy, nicely tart, and actually has a natural sweetness (although very light) that is quite wonderful.

3. Coleslaw. I really love cabbage. It’s such a strange thing to love (I think), but the crunch and the freshness it carries are huge wins for me. Now, coleslaw is hardly forgotten, but cabbage certainly isn’t as sexy as it’s greener cousins (i.e. kale, spinach, and other “super-greens”). My favorite ways to eat it? On pulled pork, on chili dogs, a big pile in my chili (yes), and it’s even okay by itself.

4. Beans. Beans are packed with protein, good fiber, and are an awesome slow-burning carb. This means they break down slowly giving us sustained energy while keeping our blood sugar steady. Beside the health reasons, beans are a delicious and versatile food. Many people avoid them because of the digestive effects, but even this can be mediated by cooking them properly and eating them often enough that our bodies time to build up the proper enzymes to digest them. All around a great food!

5. Meatloaf. This may be a funny one, but I friggin’ love meatloaf. Why? It’s delicious, it’s versatile—you can make it out of any type of ground meat or combination of meats and add whatever veggies or fillers you want—, and it reheats easily to boot! So good, so practical, and another all around winner.

Now that you are hungry, get up, get out, and get some of these delicious foods in your life today.

March 30, 2015


I love coleslaw I think the chili idea is really awesome. I wish I'd thought of that! Have you ever tried yogurt on curry before? The cool is a refreshing chill after the warmness the curry delivers to your buns.

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